Client Stories & Testimonials

–  Shout out to The Yard in Owen Sound

The Yard is open to continuing to collaborate with LEADS Employment Services when staffing needs change in the ever changing food service industry.

–  Bill (Ozzy)

Right off the top, this is THE ideal job for me. I ensure that the guys completing canoes, from the mold, have all the "trim" components needed to finish and ship.

–  Dylan Torhjelm

I would like to say that I am forever grateful for all the support you have shown me over the time we have worked together.

–  Jonathan

Jonathan began working at Clintar in October of 2018, as a Snow Removal Crew Member. He’s worked every winter season with us since then, and this past spring he was able to secure a position within our Landscape Construction - Enhancements Division. As we approached the end of our summer season, Jonathan was asked to put his skills to use assisting our Mechanics in the shop with the seasonal switch over ensuring equipment was prepped, and washed, and doing whatever else is asked of him. He is hard-working, has a perfect attitude every day, and was acknowledged for this most recently as the recipient of “Pride in Workplace” at our Annual Employee Recognition Event, held this year at Budweiser Gardens. We look forward to contributing to Jonathan’s growth with our company and many more seasons of shared success. Thank you, Jonathan, for being a part of our team!

–  Aaron

–  Raymond

I have gained confidence to try new things. At work, I feel like I am part of the team. I also feel like I am depended on for sure.

–  ML

Leads helped me find a job and gave me an opportunity to showcase my skills. My Employment Specialist talked to employers on my behalf. Now I'm employed and I love what I do.

–  Yvonne

I would definitely recommend Leads to others. Participating in the Leads call centre training workshop gave me the confidence to know what would be expected of me on the job. I was so excited when they told me I had the job.

–  RC

Leads saved my life. My Employment Specialist was always there to stand tall for me when I needed them. They connected me with the right resources, showed me kindness and gave me the support when I needed it most. It was more than just finding a job.

–  JW

Leads helped me become confident in my ability to work and provided me with insight into what a real work environment should be like.

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