Bill (Ozzy)

“Right off the top, this is THE ideal job for me. I ensure that the guys completing canoes, from the mold, have all the "trim" components needed to finish and ship. I'm working with table/band saws, drill presses, belt sander and a funky hydraulic shaper. A variety of different tasks, in a moderately fast environment. I am very enthusiastic and look forward to my future here. The company seems happy with my performance so far, big thanks to Chris (Owner) and Matt (Production Manager), for giving me the chance. The people at Nova are terrific!
I want to thank you, Patrick, You've been an important part of the path that I happily find myself on. I am so grateful to you and all the other staff members at LEADS.   Thanks Everyone!
“Ozzy has been a great addition to the team. He is a great team player and always shows up with a great attitude. He gets along great with everyone and has been a perfect fit. He is also great on the BBQ!”
Matt - Production Manager

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