Vision and Values

Our Vision

People with disabilities, those who are highly vulnerable, and employers are meaningfully engaged to create a diverse workforce and community.

Our Desired Outcomes

For Individuals:
Individuals achieve their skills development and employment career goals within their potential.
Individuals achieve equitable and meaningful employment.
Individuals achieve a sense of self-esteem and belonging.
For Employers:
Employers have the competence and confidence to engage and retain a diverse workforce.
Employers have a source of diverse employees.
For Our Communities:
All potential LEADS clients have access to skills development and employment services across our communities.
Our communities are more receptive to being inclusive of diverse people in the labour force.

Our Values

Respect and Caring
LEADS Employment Services is committed to the people we serve, including our clients, our employers, our staff, and our community. We work hard to achieve the best employment and skills development opportunities possible for our clients in a healthy, professional, and supportive environment.
LEADS Employment Services strives to be a leader in the field of supported employment and skills development. We have the courage and confidence to embrace new opportunities and create new solutions in order to shape a better future for people with disabilities and barriers.
The staff at LEADS Employment Services will be honest, trustworthy, approachable, fair, and objective. We understand that we have been entrusted with a very important purpose and we take this responsibility very seriously.  We will practice with a high degree of professionalism and confidentiality.
At LEADS Employment Services, we walk our talk.  We follow through on our commitments and remain accountable for our individual attitudes and actions.  We will be transparent; we will operate in such a way that it is easy for others to see what we do and why we do it.
Collaboration and Teamwork
At LEADS Employment Services, we work together to build understanding. We appreciate the impact of our words and actions and strive to be responsive and inclusive. We stand by one another and pull together through good times and bad. In doing so, we can leverage each other’s strengths and accomplish extraordinary things.
At LEADS Employment Services, what we do, we do well. We are innovative by always seeking new knowledge, by imagining, by creating, and by continuously improving our services.